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Steam/PC windows 10 : bad fullscreen resolution

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Binbinhfr    1

Hi there.

Just installed the game under Windows 10.

In window mode, everything is fine.

If I want to go fullscreen, the screen resolution seems to change (my windows desktop icons became big and messy) before switching to the gme that lloks blurry, as if the 1920x1080 resolution was not set correctly. In the config file, it seems that I have the good values :

window_x = 0
window_y = 23
windowed_width = 1920
windowed_height = 1057
fullscreen = true
fullscreen_width = 1920
fullscreen_height = 1080
display_id = 0
refresh_rate = 60
use_small_textures = false
bloom = false
distortion = false
HUDSize = 5
dynamic_loading_level = 0
screenshake = false

I tried windows 8 compatibility mode. No success either.


By the way, is there a "Windowed + no border + fullscreen" mode ?

Please help.


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Binbinhfr    1

Some precisions :

My graphic card is MSI Nvidia GTX1060 6gb

Drivers are up to date v441.87 dated 2020.1.6. (I just reinstall them with a fresh install).

I have exactly the same problem with DS Together after installing it.

I bought the whole KLEI pack....

By the way, Oxygen Not Included works fine under fullscreen and I can switch back to window 10 desktop without any glitch.


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