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DST Doodle I made

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minespatch    76977
19 hours ago, Pinkamena11FazP said:

I was inspired off of a scene from Todd Sweeny the Demon barber so here you go world enjoyLittle Love.png

Poor Wes became a kiddo.:wilson_ecstatic:Surprised Webber wasn't the one used.

16 hours ago, Pinkamena11FazP said:

but gosh darn the legs where the hardest part to draw...

You could explore doodling that in this thread?

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Yeah I'm starting to try exploring different poses for characters because I do dream of becoming a cartoonist. And the reason I used Wes is oddly he fit well for the role in my mind... I even imagined Willow making him a meat pie... (probably also burnt to a nice crisp saying she's a pyromaniac)

"The worst pies in the Constant" (Made from long pig and burnt 70 degrees too long.)

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