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reichull    1002

The newest update is live on PS4 so I’m currently doing some spring cleaning while waiting for summer to hit so I can complete Pearl’s storyline. Here’s a before and after of my chest and kitchen zone:


I’ve always tried to be super organized and so putting signs in front of my chests has been essential to me, but tbh I was never super keen on not being able to fully see the chest skin. I already kinda have whats in what chest memorized so I decided to try out putting the signs “behind” the chests. Now I can see my chest skins and if I need to, can rotate my camera to see the signs. Right now I’m loving how much cleaner it looks but we’ll see in time if I change my mind ahah! 

Chest Area (Day 3270)-



Chest Area (Day 1719)-



Kitchen (Day 3270)-



Kitchen (Day 1719)-


I need to add another succulent in front of the left two fridges and then I think I’m content with things... until further notice ^-^’

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kiwikenobi    1033

Wow, that's beautiful! The color combination of the gems looks great! And you even have foods that match the theme!

On 5/5/2020 at 11:18 AM, reichull said:

"Sinkhole" de Mayo

...I wanted to groan, but that's actually really clever and funny. Well done. :wilson_ecstatic:

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Charlie Dark    3637
5 hours ago, Blue Moth said:

what's that turf?

It must be the architect pack mod, where it adds turfs from the singleplayer DLCS. This one's hamlet turf, I'm sure.

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kila    3

Really beautiful!!!may i copy some of your design in my world?:wilson_love:i really like your amazing idea!:wilson_horror:

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