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Quick question about darts spawning from blowdarts?

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Novakixx    0

I had a question about the way darts spawn from using blowdarts.

My custom ranged weapon is essentially shooting like a blowdart but the dart itself is shooting from my feet instead of the the "blowdart" itself.

I moved the dart around in spriter to see if that would fix it but i noticed that while it does move the location of the dart spawn visually, its pretty inconsistent when i use it at different angles.

Is there a way to have the dart spawn consistently from the blowdart itself?

TL;DR: Darts from blowdart not shooting from blowdart, but from feet. Moving it in spriter makes it inconsistent where it shoots from. How do I fix? 

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Mr. Tiddles    1125

    inst.components.projectile:SetLaunchOffset(Vector3(3, 2, 0))

That's the line from the blowdarts you're looking for! It positions the projectile on an X,Y,Z grid. So it's 3 forward(X) and 2 up(Y), and 0 to either side

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