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[Switch gameplay] Season jumped from Autumn to Spring after entering Ruins


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Do you use mods?


Issue title 

Cave spelunking changing season (not day) . 

Steps to reproduce 

The bug occurs as soon as the Ruins are entered after being generated.  (This was evidenced by rain when I entered the area) 

Describe your issue 

After Autumn began, I decided to go spelunking for rocks. For the first time, I went into the ruins, and noticed it was raining.  After I returned, it was Spring (but no noticeable or significant difference in days) .  I was then attacked by a single blue hound within a day (single hound attacks had happened before), but was then attacked by another one the next day too. Goose/Moose spawned near me when the first hound attacked, but it never laid an egg - I found it a few days later attacking my walls. 

I've experienced issues where the game fully freezes a short while after exiting caves (though it may have been a coincidence - it was always after I'd been playing a long time), but nothing like this.  As you can imagine it's quite disheartening.  I understand this issue has been a thing for a while, but even though it was apparently patched last year, clearly it's still there. 

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