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Dont Starve won't open on my mac mini


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When the Mac had the big update that made steam close for about a month my Don't Starve game hasn't been able to open.

When I try to open it will tell me there was a problem when opening and if I would like to reopen or close it. When I chose to reopen it will come up for one second then crash and open crash note. The same thing will happen will happen when you close it. I was able to use family share to play it on my other computer and I saw a mob that was never installed on the mac and Don't Starve was never on my other computer before this, this may be the cause of the problem but its most likely not.

If this has happen to anyone with a Mac Mini and you fix it what did you do?

I would love to play Don't Starve Shipwreck again. 

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