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Mike23Ua    3,081

Wilson as a whole is a confusing mess of a Character, Gameplay wise he has nothing unique going for him so he is pretty much just a blank slate for beginners.. he’s not easy nor is he hard to play as.

Wendy is Easier to play as than Wilson thanks to Abby killing almost everything for her, and Wes is harder to play as thanks to lower health and no Audio cue warnings.

Wilson ended up being trapped in the Constant in the first place due to becoming upset about a failed science excitement and seeking forbidden knowledge from the Voxola radio.

However in more then ONE of Wilson’s actual game Vignettes they lean more towards him actually being a “Mad” Scientist, and in those photos you can clearly see his expirements in fact... NOT exploding in his face.

So Maybe it’s just that ONE Experiment that went wrong??? Who knows, only Klei knows for sure.. But outside of that, his Vignettes also seem to suggest he enjoys fishing & hiking.

In the 4th Image you can also see that Wilson has taken on even a Leadership style Role of guiding the other survivors and does NOT look amused with Charlie.

in the 5th image here he is again leading everyone into battle for the Forge.

It seems fitting that for Wilson to be the main star of the DS franchise that he has the most mystery & lore potential behind him.






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minespatch    67,847
11 hours ago, Ogrecakes said:

Wilson generally seems to be happy when he accomplishes anything in life.Seems to be a bit of a failure in his field.

As someone who keeps missing the boat on things, it hits too close to home.:wilson_ecstatic:

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