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How to use awuatuners efficiently?

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meepmoop    203

currently im stragling with the mid-late game.

I have 7 aquatuners and 4 turbines (i know its not optimal but thats not what I want to talk about.).

My question is, how do you design you cooling systems? I noticed that my are very unefficient with the aquatuners running <50% of the time, and I always have to micro manage the (stop when i get 'too much cooling', or when low on energy and need only certain processes)

I use them like this:

* one for cool gyster + also cools turbine

* second to make water cold for farms

* third in industrial base

* forth also to industrial base. this time it goes directly to metal refinery

* fifth for power generators cooling.

* sixth and seven not active yet. one of them needs to cool salt water for lettace.

i feel like there are pipes everywhere and its so hard to understand what goes where.

And also none of them works 100%. even that waters farms needs to manutally stop every several tens of cycles because i get too much water from them (but dont need any more cool water for other stuff.)

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Craigjw    405

Metal refinery should power a turbine.  Using an AT to cool the refinery coolant used in the refinery is really wasteful.  You can use the AT to cool the turbine and the gas surrounding the refinery.  The refinery now creates power instead of consuming it, so rather than consuming ~2.4kw, it consumes less than 1kw.

using Polluted water, you can get away with a 1:1 ratio of AT to turbines.  When you move onto super coolant, the ratio is 1 AT to 2 turbines, because when using super coolant the AT produces more heat than a single turbine can remove.


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Do you mean like this? Its probably not as good as it could be but this is how I automated a CSV to fuel a steam rocket. the line going up is on an element sensor on the overflow vent so once the rocket is full it turns off the pumps.

For a thermal loop/s, what I am trying to do is have a smallish thermal block made of box of insulated and metal tiles filled with PWater or oil and a couple reservoirs to automate the liquids. The AT maintains it to a steady temp and is automated by a temp sensor in the thermal block, then I have pipes coming in and out of it to push the temp controlled water around in a loop. Add the odd wheezewort here and there to save huge loops.


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crypticorb    574

Aquatuners pull 14oC of thermal energy out of whatever liquid passes through them, and radiate that thermal energy into its surrounding environment. The amount of thermal energy they radiate out depends on the liquids Specific Heat Capacity. What liquid you choose to use as coolant is important, because if you want to cool something like farms to around 20oC for mushrooms or bristle berries, using water or polluted water is best, because they have a specific heat capacity of 4.179, which is pretty good.

One critically important part of a coolant system is to only run the liquid through the aquatuner when it needs cooling, and bypass the aquatuner whenever it is cool enough. Here's a very simple design that I strapped onto my cool steam vents:


The polluted water coolant will circulate in this setup even if the aquatuner isn't needed, thanks to the double-bridge bypass. The aquatuner will only turn on if the water from the steam vent on the right is hotter than the desired temperature. I set it to only cool it to 80oC, but you can set it as low as you need and it will come out perfect. Below is another picture of how the bridges are set up, to make it clearer.


Without the bridges, the aquatuner will block any coolant until it is needed, preventing any passive circulation. With the bridges in place, coolant can flow past the aquatuner, allowing you to turn it on/off depending on a thermo sensor that you have in the steam room, or sensed from a liquid pipe thermal sensor directly.



Here's a simple design I use to keep my entire base a nice, perfect, precise 20oC:


Instead of cooling the liquid directly, in this setup I am cooling a pool of water as a buffer using the aquatuners which are controlled by thermo sensers in the buffer pool. I'm using this setup to cool all the oxygen from my electrolyzers as well, and by using a loooooong loop of pipes throughout the base I can cool the entire base with this same pool.

I started using the buffer method around cycle 300, and it brought my base from about 50oC down to a nice 20oC within about 10 cycles, and only rarely turns on.


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meepmoop    203
18 hours ago, Yunru said:

It depends where you want maximum uwu at.

im sorry im usually writing from the phone and its old one so I cant see what I write until i finish writing.


on unrelated note, I need about 500 uwu and 100 owo

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