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Vampire bat attacks stopped

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Kenjin    50

Unsure if anyone has experienced that, but vampire bats attack aren't happening anymore. Day 74, my last attack was around day 60. I suspect either the apporkalipse or a console command might be responsible (don't think it's the console command though, I just spawned and despawned a few items).


Anyway, is there a way to force an attack (hopefully debugging the attack mechanic), or make them happen again?


EDIT: Okay, after playing for a bit, I decided I'd stop "waiting" for it and go back to exploring and stuff. I decided I should farm Nightmare fuel, so I went to 0 sanity, very shortly after that, the attack happenned, and it was massive, luckily I had a pan flute and had enough food to regain my sanity but damn.
Anyway, There might be a link, or it could be a complete coincidence, it's worth trying that whenever it happens again.

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