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Right now, Monster Tartare are Meatballs that only Webber can eat, only Warly can make, and give no health or sanity while taking more meat than it's worth. I want to make fancy monster dishes for Webbers, but there's not a single recipe I can think of that wouldn't be better off as Meatballs or just eaten raw.


A small buff like it giving 75 hunger instead of 62.5 would make it almost worth it, and a major buff like having it give Webber +20 Health and Sanity instead of the -20 would be extreme. Webber can already live off of cooked Monster Meat, so completely rebalancing it as a low hunger, high health or sanity dish would work.


If you wanted to make it really fancy, you could make it so that spiders around Webber are tamed when he eats Monster Tartare.

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