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glitched out mandrake. (steam version/mandrake spoilers)

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jaywalker    12

Okay so I found two mandrake rather close to each other and when I picked them they started hoping around following me. Very cool I liked them, they were my new friends.

I led them to a small camp I had nearby with the intention of eventually getting them up to my main camp. The temporary camp was on stone ground where there was a lot of rocks and two tallbirds. (I can provide a pic of the mandrakes at the location)

The mandrakes replanted themselves in the morning so the next evening I dug them up again but they didn't follow me, I don't know if this is a glitch or a feature but they just kept jumping in place. I tried on two more evenings later on but they continued not to follow me, though if I examined them Wilson would say "stop following me" like he did when they were following. They were planted pretty close together, and it was on stone ground other than that I can't think of any special circumstances.

So one night shortly before dawn I used ctrl+click with tentacle to kill them, because I wanted them to snap out of it see, but they died. So here is a definite glitch: Their corpses replanted themselves at dawn. Just like all other corpses they slowly faded away but only after getting up to replant themselves at dawn after they were dead. :p

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