Debugging errors in yaml files

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Courageous    0


I got overly ambitious in attempting to specify a new world with a bunch of new biomes and features, and I am confronted with a dreaded NullReferenceException in Klei.YamlIO.LoadFile. Yeah, okay. That's me. Any tips on isolating which file might be bad?

I already know the start over and build up more slowly method, but I am hoping there is some flag I can throw that makes ONI print file names before it attempts to load them. I guess I could also do a Prefix Harmony patch to the LoadFile routine and force the print myself.

Does anyone have a preferred method here?


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Candide    19

Mh... you could try to use an yaml parser to test for errors. Or compare your changed file with the original with something like WinMerge.

I don't think there is another output log, beside the standard one (which I assume you found, since you know it's a NullReferenceException). Maybe you can give us the full error stack? Or the yaml files.

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