What is your weirdest cause of death?

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On 11/25/2019 at 10:56 AM, MaristFernas said:

Heartbreaking as losing the SW world that i really liked (only in my second year. That is as far as i have ever made it in shipwrecked as i recently started playing this dlc) , I felt I needed to share how it happened. I was exploring in Hurricane season trying to light up the unexplored corner of the map when i saw a cargo boat floating. I thought sweet let me jump onto that! The worst mistake of my life. I got struck by lightning in between jump and simply fall down to drown. The end.vidmate mobdro word counter

I was not even mad. Just shocked. Wondering if this is intended or whether someone has experienced this before? To pay respect to my favorite SW world, let me know if anyone else have experience weird deaths that get you thinking “What are the chances?”

issue got solved!

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I have had some absurd Shipwrecked deaths. There was the time I got struck by lighting approximately eleven times while making a trip to a nearby island during hurricane season, for instance; I didn't actually count them but I was Wilson and I was at full or nearly full health beforehand and I just kept getting shocked until I died, so I looked up how much damage a lightning strike does and estimated from there. Then there's the time when I revived from a meat effigy during dry season, ran for my backup boat, and got slammed with a direct hit from a dragoon meteor like the fist of an angry god. Then there's the time I was trying to take a reference screenshot with Walani, c_gonexted myself to a gunpowder barrel without thinking to get on a boat first, and instantaneously drowned. I was able to laugh that one off since I was only about twenty days in on that save.

Then there's the time I was playing Maxwell for the first time in singleplayer and I died from summoning too many shadow puppets (not even that many, but I had a meat effigy left over from playing Wilson before adventure mode, so my max health was 45). I still have a death from "Shenanigans" in my morgue.

I also once killed myself by resurrection sickness just to see it happen; I knew it was possible because it was on the wiki but I wanted to personally witness it. (Can't be done in DST because they changed how meat effigies work, but back in the beta my friends and I would routinely die in the process of making telltale hearts when our max health was reduced to 38, before they made stat-sacrificing crafting recipes require that you actually have the stat high enough beforehand. Those deaths were recorded as either "Shenanigans" or, briefly, "Telltale Heart" though.)

On 2019-11-25 at 12:32 AM, Mike23Ua said:

Killed by Shenanigans. yes you heard that right... Apparently I Killed myself!

but what actually happened is I was mauled by a pack of Hellhounds and killed while transitioning into a Cave. And when my dead body loaded into the cave I fell over dead to Shenanigans.

Yeah... that sucks.

Oh yeah, that happened to me recently. Getting killed while you're transferring from the overworld to the caves'll do that.

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Mike23Ua    996

I have NEVER used a Meat Effigy, or a Undying Amulet, I’ve never even crafted them lol..... I DO use resurrection stones if I can find one in time or Telltale hearts, but those other two just feel totally unnecessary and when I die and can’t find a Revive Stone I just let the timer expire and kill my world.

As a result my game worlds obviously don’t last very long.. but they’re fun and people play games to have fun. So mission accomplished.

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