So I think this happened before everything

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Hornete    1,773
1 minute ago, JamesBucket said:

I decided to play safe because I've never seen their junks, but I get why people assume they're king and queen. I was quite hesitant on calling them Prometheus and Epimetheus because that's not 100% clear either, but I didn't know how else to call them by. Torch bearer & Starff wielder doesn't quite roll of the tongue compared to that SICC greek

I love the video! However, in the beginning when you were explaining about the Ancients digging underground. I thought the surface didn't exist back then and it was Maxwell who created the surface, while the caves WERE the surface. I'm not too sure though and this is just what I thought I last heard

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QrChuck    240
6 hours ago, maciu67 said:

You should talk with @QrChuck. He has similar video.

Mostly agree with everything in James video. My film was made a little earlier, since then we've learned a lot and because of that it's great that James refreshed the story. In my video about Gorge lore I said that Gnaw was the reason they went down to the ruins, but it's just a theory. A gAmE tHeOrY :D

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