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[Gameplay] HUD disappears when I press Tab for map

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Dee_e    0

This has been going on for a few months (I don't play regularly) and I don't have an option other than Alt+F4 and restarting the game, losing some playtime.

It took me a while to notice it happens when I press Tab to see my map while walking with arrow keys. There's a chance I could be fat fingering and hitting Caps Lock at the same time too (definitely happened a few times, but don't think it's always the case). It happens randomly, as you can imagine I need to check my map often and tabbing works fine most of the time.

When I say HUD disappears, I'm truly only left with my character and the surrounding world frame. My inventory, crafting menu, status and map icons are all gone. I can't interact with anything or use hot keys. I can just walk. Hence I say it's a gameplay issue, not a graphics one.

I do use mods, but the same thing happened also when I disabled them all. No such issue is reported on their pages on Steam as far as I could see, so I don't think it's a mod causing this.

I have been updating my game through Steam (Win10) as updates come out. There have been multiple updates and I think I first noticed the issue early summer.

I got the issue in ROG, Shipwrecked and Hamlet.

I am able to open the console, so at this point I'd be happy if I can somehow manually restart the HUD or at least save the game before exiting. Restarting isn't too bad if I don't lose the past day in the process.

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