Redeeming codes on PS4

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NoscopeFelix    2,597

@nome I was thinking, wouldn’t it be possible to create an website where console users could redeem item codes and they would receive them the next time they log in, since we got the metheus and cyclum puzzle which gives us skins too after completion. So that way Sony wouldn’t get a twist in their knickers for the redeeming option being inside the game and the  playstation players would have the same benefits as pc users. 

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Marco BR    1,796
2 minutes ago, nome said:

Isso foi discutido, mas parece contrário ao espírito da regra que a Sony está impondo e quebrar a mesma regra duas vezes parece ser uma boa maneira de deixá-los com raiva de nós.

klei herself can solve this by just letting the consoles be able to weave or buy these in-game skins, they treat the store and the skins as if we were at steam facilities, but we are not!

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Warlockadamm    1,342

The only real option that i could invision would be a skin pack to be bought in the store and give the skin a different rarity that can't be unraveled, weaved or even drop.

Like this they keep there uniqueness of being proof of purchase from klei.

I do think similars ideas have already been taking in consideration by the Devs though.

I can only hope that the "new currency" that has been datamined a while ago is actually the suprise we have been promised many updates ago hahaha and with it, we'll get more options to buy some skins in the futur.

To who ever is reading this, have a nice day and keep smiling :)

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Dynamix_Roxx    329
On 2019-11-22 at 5:39 PM, nome said:

That was discussed, but it seems against the spirit of the rule Sony is imposing and breaking the same rule twice seems like a good way to make them angry at us.

Why not ask Sony what you should do then? 

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