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"All seem to say throw cares away..."




Abilities: Can bend magic to her will (She is a shadow, But as of Zephyrs own creation. A different kind of shadow according to her)

This means she can:

-Make herself invisible to mobs for 10 seconds, including those aggro'ed on her.

-Increase damage of her attacks by 25% (Other players within 2 pitchfork tiles get a 15% damage boost)

- Can make herself immune to overheating and freezing for 20 seconds

Each use of this magic drains 10 sanity and has a cool down of a minute


-During the day, she will lose sanity equivalent of the time being dusk for other players. 

-When her sanity reaches 40% she will enter a sort of "Enraged and insane" state. The player will still be able to move, but if another player gets within 3 pitchfork tiles radius of the player in the "Enraged" state. The player will lose control of Wavel, and Wavel will go and try to kill the player. If the player gets hit, they will lose 15 sanity and 80 HP. The Wavel on their hand, will lose 20 sanity but will still continue to try to attack the player. In this state you cannot use your inventory or your equipped items. (But you can still use your map). In this state Wavel can only attack, the more she kills the more her sanity goes up. But she will gain more if: 1. She kills a player. 2.If she kills it during dusk or night. Killing a mob will restore 15 sanity, killing one during dusk or night restores 25. Killing a player will restore 80 (but is it worth it?). During this state she will deal 70 damage,  and have a 80% damage reduction. When her sanity is full again she'll calm down.

-Is hated by normally neutral mobs (ex: pigmen, catcoons etc)

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