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[HELP] Removing The Ability for a Character to Walk the Plank

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Hello, people.

I've been working on a floating character that can go over water and other terrain, and it's coming along great!  My only problem is that whenever my character mounts the plank (or abandons ship), the game crashes because my character lacks the "drownable" component.

So, my question is: How do I go about removing the ability to walk the plank?  My character doesn't even need boats, really.  They can still use them, but they don't move with them. xD  There's no need to use the plank, but it's a game-breaking bug, so I need it removed.

Any and all help with this would be most appreciated!

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Oh wow.  I didn't expect to get dev feedback. xD

Thank you so much!

EDIT: Guess this means I'd better opt-into beta, huh?  Lemme get on that then.

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