What kind of pets do you guys have?

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Owlrus98    547

I am very interested to know what kinds of furry-friends everyone has, and maybe share a story or two about them or how you got them. :)

I have 3 dogs, an eleven Year old Puggle named "Patch" who is both as lazy as he is sweet. He used to have an older brother named "Toby" which was another Puggle from a different breed. Sadly he passed just a few years ago at 14 (he was riddled with tumors, even one the size of a coconut on his chest. We couldn't do anything about them as they would have killed him if they were removed especially since the big one was next to his heart) we knew his time had come when he couldn't walk anymore without help and when they came to the house to put him down, instead of being afraid he jumped up almost like he knew too and we all missed him dearly ever since. Recently though, about 6 months ago we were blessed with 2 adorable Chihuahua-Pug mix puppies named "Nellie" and "Scamp". Nellie is a little spitfire that runs everywhere, hides under the couch to play, and bugs the crap out of Patch but never leaves his side and snuggles up with him whenever he gets some rest. Scamp is a little chonker that likes to steal food when we're not looking (we have to put him on a diet) and is scared of wood floors. Funnily enough though, recently the puppies have been getting very angry at weird things like pictures of Luigi or a Christmas wreath for no reason at all and it sounds hilarious.

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Xenologist    1,352

I have a fishtank full of tons of fish, and a few guppies that produce more guppies, but as it seems, they seem to eat the resulting fish from all that reproduction.

I also have a six(?) year old dog that's quarter chihuahua and the rest is Yorkshire terrier. His name is rocket and he was born approx. 2 weeks after my birthday. The 25 of January to be exact.

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reverentsatyr    2,555

I don't really have any pictures, but I have a super old(about 12-13 years old) pug named Pippi. When she was young, my uncle got her, then he gave Pippi to my Grandpa when his wife died, so he wouldn't get lonely. Then when Grandpa died, my family got Pippi. Whenever extended family visits, they're always surprised to see that she's still alive because she's so darn old.

We also foster cats and dogs until they're old enough to get adopted. Right now we're fostering 3 tiny fluffy kittens.

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