So after learning some lessons with my first attempt at this, I started the world over and explored the map in the other direction.  I found plenty of polluted water in a slime biome and a polluted water vent I haven't broke open yet to replenish it.  I built this smaller version of the spom using that instead of the hot salt water vent.  I used logic gates to alternate between which of the two aquatuners in the steam turbine is allowed to run at a time so they can both be fed by a single conductive wire battery flipper sub station, and with 1 second on, 1 second off, that should ensure that the gold AT never overheats.  For good measure I threw in some crude oil this time.  Also I did not bother with the atmo sensor for the oxygen pumps.  Instead I'm just going to use a valve to restrict the maximum flow on each gas pipe to 850 g/s, which should be a little below the maximum the two electrolyzers can produce.  I haven't even hooked up the second gas pipe or the second AT yet, but it's ready.  And I even left pipes in there to dump heat from the metal refinery once I finish melting the cold biome I started refining in.