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Options in Purchasing Skins on Console

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Out of curiosity, I always wondered as to why the shop on console versions only have deluxe packs and megapacks to purchase as opposed to pc which has both packs and individual skins for purchase. I own DST for Xbox One, PS4 and on Steam. I find it pretty unfair to a user for example to specifically want, lets say hallowed nights part 2 only cosmetics. On steam you can for 9.99. However on console you need to fork over an aditional 10.00 for a total of about 19.99 because it includes both part 1 and 2. Aswell it being the only option to buy said skins. It would be nice if console gotten various ways to purchase skins without being limited to bundles only. The same applies to character skins as individual Purchases are non existent. I am curious as to why are console limited?? I apologize if it was explained before but i could not find an answer.


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Sunset Skye    4,718
19 hours ago, JoeW said:

I mentioned in a previous announcement that Console would be getting a virtual currency.

As others have mentioned in the thread, the reason for this is because the amount of time and preparation it takes to get cosmetic items on console has caused them to be severely behind everybody else. Anything we put up on console has to go through the cert process just like a DLC and the process takes a lot of time. The virtual currency allows it to work through a different process that would allow us to make as much available on consoles as PC players have. 

Otherwise for each big update we would have to add 18-20ish DLCs (each requiring I believe it is 30-45 minutes setup time just to do the submission) not to mention image assets and such for each store. This means, resource wise we have only been able to add a couple bundles each update. Where as on PC they have tons of options for how they can obtain these items.  

This isn't a signal that we're doing anything remarkably different or offering anything new - it's just what I said previously on multiple occasions, we're trying to offer as much for Console as we are for PC. 


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