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Why do people think Wolfgang is stupid?

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FeagleSnorf    641
2 hours ago, ShadowDuelist said:

Best of both worlds eh?






(I hope this comes across as a joke, because I have no idea if you’re actually Canadian)

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1 hour ago, hl3bekliyenadam said:

He uses third person singular conjugation of verb for all subjects including HIMSELF FFS. How could anyone explain this with a broken English. Was the Hulk foreigner too? No, it’s just a stereotype for muscular and stupid people. I still love him tho. He is too precious for the constant even tho he can kill solo dfly with bare hands.

TF2's Heavy also refers to himself in third person and yet he canonically has a PhD in Russian Literature. The way Wolfgang (and Heavy) talks is also a stereotype of foreigners with broken English, not just dumb people. Wolfgang could very well sound much 'smarter' in the comfort of his national language. 

The Hulk is, lore-wise, technically considered a separate character to Banner and speaks in a simple manner because he is essentially a child throwing a temper tantrum during Banner's first transformations. As the years have gone on and Banner has turned into the Hulk more and more, he's gotten smarter and can even talk fluently in some movies because of it. The Hulk didn't speak like that because he was stupid, he spoke like that because he was still in a very early developmental stage. A better comparison to the Hulk would be Wormwood, not Wolfgang.

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maradyne    4,469

Wolfgang take offense to notion. Friends always saying he have hard head. That mean brain muscle is strong!

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Slagger    157
22 hours ago, Pop Guy said:

Really, in the game there is no indication that Wolfgang is an idiot: he knows how to build every single scientific or supernatural object, like any other character. You say that Wolfgang is a idiot because do he speak badly? People, he's foreign, or russian or german, of course he can't speak English well.
Because is he strong? Really we are fooled by the stereotype: strong = stupid? Come on.
But surely someone will now tell me that in a live stream the developers have said that Wolfgang is actually a crippled mind, a brain-injured man. I never really understood anything about this game :'D

(Fortunately at least we have the certainty that Wolfgang is a COMMUNIST!)


I'm not sure he is stupid but I think he should be stupid. He should be stupid bc being smart and strong both don't look nice to me.

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