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isolanni    8

DS/RoG wormholes have showed up in Hamlet twice in the last week. I tried jumping in the first one. My cause of death was listed ,(in the Morgue), as "decorative hole?". I thought it may have appeared because I was experimenting with world size. That game I had tried "Medium" sized, which turned out to be tiny; all the biomes were squished together.

A later normal size Hamlet revealed another DS wormhole. I quashed my curiosity, but thought Klei should know about this fun, but deadly bug...

I'm loving Wormwood! Now the jungles aren't scary.

Thanks for the beautiful game.

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Sunset Skye    4,564

Wormholes in Hamlet are rare, but normal. They spawn if the game accidentally generates land that's disconnected from a plateau, so that it's not possible for something important like the palace or a temple to be unreachable. As for the death... I have no idea why that happened, and I believe "decorative hole?" is what death from spear traps is listed as, so that part is definitely strange.

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