Entering houses makes penned Krampuses escape

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MonsieurO    14
  • Category : Bug
  • Platform : Windows
  • Do I use mods : Yes, BUT, while my screenshots are made with mods, I also tested it without any mod activated
  • Description of the issue : when entering a house (in my case, my city hall), any krampus that is present (possibly penned) in my world teleports inside the house a few seconds later, thus setting them free. I have been able to reproduce this bug in a newly created world, without any mods
  • Steps to reproduce:

1) Create a new world (rog in my case, didnt test in others), compatible with Hamlet

2) Build a small pen (facultative), spawn a krampus in it.

3) Spawn the key to the city, and use it to build My City Hall. The result should look like this:


4) Enter the building and notice that, after a few secs, the krampus teleports inside


5) Leave the building, and notice the krampus following you outside


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