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Gameplay - Unable to feed twigs to Beefalo


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Windows - Steam

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Version Number
Rev. 360464 - 789 

Issue title

Unable to feed twigs to Beefalo while taming them.

Steps to reproduce

1. Start taming a beefalo

2. Try to feed a twig to a beefalo

3. Not able to feed twigs, only grass.

Describe your issue

Not being able to feed twigs is an annoyance, as twigs provide double the hunger points. I have to waste a lot of time collecting grass to feed the beefalo.

This is in the base game, without Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked or Hamlet.

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Also not able to feed reeds.

The damage seems pretty low, even for the Ornery tendency, around 25 (4 hits to kill a spider).

No passive life regeneration as well, only heals when fed grass or vegetables.

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I was about to trying rush beef mount and noticed the same thing... 3 stacks os lost time on twigs :,(... well, at least I can save it for later on but, the lower dmg... even tho I just planning for the speed one but well, I think they dont care too much about base game... it

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