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Create Wall/Floor anim of hamlet houses

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Serpens    516

Hi :)

vagnerdarochasantos + Godless (authors of Tropical experience), Baku and me are currently creating the Slanty Shanty (house of hamlet with interior) for DST:

One problem is, that DS-Hamlet has no anim for the walls/floors, they are adding them with an "InteriorManager" which is not available in lua.
So we have to create the wall/floor anims ourself and add them as prefabs instead.
Godless already created many of the wall/floor anims, but some are still missing.

I'm not art expert and Godless is unavailable, so maybe someone of you would like to help?

How you could help:
Hamlet only has texture tex files of the wall/foor. Use them to create the shape of the back and sidewalls/floor. Eg. 3 textures next to each other will form the backwall. And many textures next to each other will form the floor. Also rotate the sidewalls, so they look exactly like template.
You can use the walls/floors Godless already made as template. After you did the tex files, merge them into an anim and use proper naming for the different animations (and tell me those names, so I can switch between the animations within the anim. If I do not use the right words here, forgive me, hope you know what I mean)

- Example walls anim from Godless (
- Example floors anim from Godless (
- hamlet textures (from which the anim is currently missing)

Baku/Loki99 will give it a try

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Warbucks    2,996

Sorry I can't help, but I wanted to say this is amazing :D!!

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