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Mean Steam eats my saves

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Excess    55

I've started 2 Steam games, and in both cases the savegames got eaten by the grues somewhere along the road.

The first one I started it a day before the official Steam release and lasted several days, just to disappear on Friday (?) and yesterday I started a new one which today simply isn't there. Also gone, my research points and unlocked things. *

I checked the games Steam settings and is set to be kept up to date.

Also, after the first missing savegame I clicked Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for Don't Starve and its reporting 43.69 KB of data stored, yet there is no game to continue.

* Apparently this time it kept my research points and unlocked stuff.

I figured it had something to do with updates, but the updates history is empty and I don't recall the build numbers nor I could tell if it was updated silently through the night or not.

But what I find more strange is that nobody else reported this before me. Am I the only one with this problem?

In the mean time, I'll uncheck autoupdates and play a little to see if it disappears in the upcoming days.

PS: Also, the flames behind the portraits on the "select character" screen stop animating a second into the animation.

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Kevin    3720

Hi Excess,

I think that this is a problem for you because you were in that first batch of guinea pigs, and we had a build or two with cloud save problems.

If you tell the game to stay updated from now on, things should behave.

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