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Know Bugs/Issues (to prevent some unnecessary bug reports and give users a base)

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SharraShimada    592

I want to make a list of know issues and bugs, to provide a) a help for players, and to avoid some of the multiple bug reports.

Rules: Post an issue, explain it, if possible, and if there is one, give a solution or workaround. Please dont discuss problems here. 

If there is enough feedback here, i will edit this post and make some kind of sorting (gamebreaking/crash, cosmetic...)


1.Bug: Bunker doors wont stop meteoroids:  Cause: The door is repaired, but not acknowleged as functional. Solution: Open and close the bunker doors when repaired.

2.Bug: Rocket parts are there, allthough the rocket is in space. Cause: The system renders parts not there (mainly on save load). Solution: Ignore it. Its just cosmetic.


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This list you speak of will be long and comprehensive. Just scrape what you want out of here. 80% of it is bugs, exploits, and unintended designs. There are even workarounds in the uni like aquatuner bypasses for those pesky packet slips, and don't forget about the power shutoff bug on save/load. Then you have flashing and flaking mechanics that are a beast in of itself. And every building related to pacu is just broken and bugged. Good luck :encouragement:

more bugged/exploited cases off the top of my head

  • Lit workspaces for certain buildings
  • conveyor temperature transfers
  • critter dropoff wrangling for babies
  • tile/ladder speed boost ineffective (unconfirmed)
  • Low priority auto dispenser (now a mod to fix this)

Need I say more.

I'm going to let this speak for itself.

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