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Starslash    2

Hello. I’ve always been annoyed about the lack of apps with ONI. There is not a single english guide on the app store and the mobile website for Klei can be a bit troublesome. I would find a mobile app - or a forum app - extremely useful. Do you think this might be available in the future? I would even be willing to pay for a guide app if it was user-friendly and informational. These are the only apps, one of which is in chinese and the other of which is a $5 app for ONI steams. I love ONI, it’s undoubtably the best simulation/colonization game. I feel that some mobile info or support (Or a future app for the game itself) would bring a whole new audience and would be a smart decision on Klei and the consumer’s part.

Thanks, Starslash


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nakomaru    1,385

I don't intend to take away from your suggestion.

As a current alternative, if your mobile device has internet access you may find oni-db, tools not included, and the oni assistant websites of great use. They take data directly from the game files, so they are not 98% misinformation like wikis.Screenshot_20191020-155026.thumb.jpg.f33277cd57752f989c8060c5b74f2e8a.jpg

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