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Residents of The Shadows (DST Modded SMP Server)

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Residents of the Shadows (Series 1)

Residents of the Shadows is a dedicated SMP server and it's somewhat RP. Residents from different walks of life are stranded in this new world. Work together with others or work by yourself to survive.


Things to know:

- There will not be two versions of the same character on the server. I want different types of characters to add something unique and interesting to the server, so if you apply playing a taken character . . . you will be denied.

- You must use the server specific mods and it's suggested to use the client specific mods as well.

- If you don't plan on being active and playing the game often, then you will be removed. The server will be up 24/7 unless there is scheduled maintenance. You are not expected to be on every day because we all have lives . . . but if you are going to be gone for more than 3 days or even a week . . . . then you need to let it be known.

- The currency used to barter and sell items to each other is Gold.

- The server is white-listed. If you share it with others and invite your friends or someone who wasn't accepted properly, then you both will be kicked and banned.

- The server is noob friendly and not meant to be overly competitive and have a elitist presence on it.

- There are only 10 slots on the server.

- Feel free to stream if you want to and advertise it!

- Mods used on the server.

- The server is located in North America.


Rules to apply:

- Must be older than 18 years old and must be mature.

- No hate towards race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political affiliations and more will be tolerated. Take your bias and immature behavior somewhere else.


Rules of the server:

- No griefing, stealing and destroying other people's property. It's a insta ban if you do and staff will see the logs if it happens.

- You're not allowed to claim every single resource and area in the game. Biomes are not specific to one person and you cannot build directly next to someone. You can claim ONE area in the game as your base and it cannot be something that takes up a entire area. Use signs to claim you are.

- The currency is Gold. If you want to create a small shop or barter with another character for something, be honest and use Gold as the currency or agree to trade for something else.


Removal from the server:

- You get a warning depending on the offense. If you are caught stealing, inting, destroying things in the world, inviting players without permission, and being a horrible person to others, then you are instantly removed and banned from the server.

- If you are warned a second time you are put on a 3 day ban form the server to cool down and think about what you did.

- The third offense and you're gone permanently.



Name: What you want to go by.

Age: Your real age.

Character: Please be aware of the characters available and don't pick one taken.

Experience: What experience do you have with DST?

About you: No more than a paragraph about yourself.


3/10 slots taken.

Wormwood is claimed and cannot be used.

Wickerbottom is claimed and cannot be used.

Webber is claimed and cannot be used.

Message me on Steam at notnoshade to join for more info or send in your application. You can post it here too.

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