How do you think Klei will portray Them?

What will They be presented as?  

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  1. 1. What will They be presented as?

    • Simply as bad guys- All they want is to cause pain and destroy
    • As eldritch gods- They (and other gods) have created the Constant and are simply angry that you're changing it
    • Beings corrupted by shadow magic- ancient mages that tried to become gods

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Russian Philin    7,239

I imagine "THEM" as formless beings who can take any form and penetrate the consciousness of other beings. And it seems to me that the Gnaw is part of " THEM."

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Dynamix_Roxx    259
On 2019-10-14 at 3:06 PM, Dynamix_Roxx said:

“Them” is the Merm people. They’re coming back to take over from the piggy’s. 

I was right!! 

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GetNerfedOn    3,141

I used to, and still like to think that we, the players, are "Them" - forcibly dragging the survivors into world which are technically of our creation or borne out of our wishes, for the sake of our entertainment.

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Raspberry Shake    5,693

Why not pull an Emerald Star and just show Them as some mysterious symbol. It's not what they really look like, but it's all we ever see.

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I personally believe that 'They' are, for lack of a better term, the Gods of the Constant and portal dimensions, and that there are at least four that exist:

  • Shadow God
  • Moon God
  • The Gnaw
  • Volcano/Forge God

Now, this isn't exactly a theory, as I don't have much evidence to back it up, so it's really more of a headcanon I'm waiting to be disproved.

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oCrapaCreeper    3,090

To me it always seemed implied from Maxwell's quoutes (from adventure mode and some of his player quotes) that the shadow creatures are Them, at least until more ruins lore got involved and now no one really knows for sure.

Maxwell's dialogue in Checkmate:


"Or maybe They've grown tired of me."
"Heh. Took them long enough."
"They'll show you terrible, beautiful things."
"It's best not to fight it."
"There wasn't much here when I showed up."
"Just dust. And the Void. And Them."
"I've learned so much since then. I've built so much."
"But even a King is bound to the board."
"You can't change the rules of the game."
"I don't know what they want. They... they just watch."
"Unless you get too close... Then..."
"Well, there's a reason I stay so dapper."

That last quote there just seems to imply Maxwell only looks so dapper just so he can avoid Them. Kinda like how we avoid the shadow creatures by putting on dapper clothes, or how that is actually Maxwell's perk? They watch us constantly, but when get to "close" or insane, they attack.

Also, Maxwell seems to imply that the light keeps Them away:

Lantern "I hope this keeps Them away".

... and as we know, light can drive shadow creatures away to an extent, at least in the lore where Maxwell saved Charlie from them in his apartment by summoning light. Also worth mentioning, Maxwell already knew of the existence of Them, before he even got pulled into the constant ("IT'S THEM" scratched into his apartment walls). He had already summoned shadow creatures into the real world with magic, after all.

Sooo, I'm still on the band that they are the Shadow Creatures, but there is evidence for other theories. But the fact is we just won't know until Klei wants us to, they do tend to write this stuff as the go.

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ShadowDuelist    4,159

Whatever they are, I just hope in the end Charlie is actually on our side (or at least using us as pawns in a grand scheme to defeat "them", yknow, like a queen)

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