In Desperate Need Of In-game Notebook

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.This game has players make numerous short term goals and long term goals of their own, which require short & long term planning. It would be really nice if players are able to write down memos / to-do list / check box / system notification in game as reminder.

Reason 1: it helps players pick up what they have left from previous play.

I can easily spend so many hours playing one planet, and usually it's consists of chunks of time in many days. Every time I came back to game after like 2 days when I finally got some free time, I looked at the complicated system that I made, I had no idea what my goal or plan was. So many times, I have come back to my old save, feeling lost, and had to start over. In-game reminders / memos can help stitch together the continuity of game experience throughout different days. This is especially true in late game when players have settle the basic needs and have a lot of freedom to make their own goals and designs.

Reason 2: it helps players reduce the burden of remembering many things, and improve immersive game experience.

There were times I needed to build 2 things at the same time, when I was watching construction A so closely, I forgot to take care of construction B, and when I finally finished A, I totally forgot B, and was only reminded when some disaster broke out because of the missing of B.


Thanks for reading.

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