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I need Art advice... again, for a concept

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Superwolfkid    1300

Hello! I make my return back once to the art forums for help!;-; So I'm working on a concept idea for the shopkeeper (spoilers) and I'm sort of drawing a picture to sort of get a demonstration of it. (And for fun!)

So here's the first concept:

Concept number one (the bad one):


So not too spoil too much into my concept idea, but its suppose to show a sign of mourning, Wilson and the shopkeeper in a location mourning (in a way).  I decided to make the artsyle similar to the one from turn of tides. Especially Wilson's  face from this scene:Screenshot_20191010-115620_YouTube.thumb.jpg.40c4d76e70cc5aab3588fbb4eebbac55.jpg

Though, halfway through drawing I realised I accidentally put Wilson too high and you can see the ground which was not looking good for the picture and decided to redraw it... :/ 

Concept number two, (The cooler concept):20191011_153025.thumb.jpg.0476139292d1b61cd0d0f7da4635f245.jpg

I put a bit more detail and more better... things in general doing this The angle is now more upwards then ground level, there's more rain, Wilson looks more confused (I'd be confused aswell if I was standing next to a over sized man mourning) I even got the trees to look farther away,credit goes to this scene in a new reign trailer: Screenshot_20191011-153212_YouTube.thumb.jpg.2606f15fe28af6f22efee48cde75c545.jpg

The shopkeeper might be a little bit too tall though. :/ but the advice I'm asking for is if anyone knows how to make the scenery more... better I guess. Where it looks like an actual Don't starve animation. Any ideas?

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minespatch    84493
4 hours ago, Superwolfkid said:

Thanks! Don't people get notified by a topic whenever they get @ ?

Sorry for the wait, got to this topic by the "read next unread topic" button.

Since you're working traditionally, go to a art store or supply store like staples and get some tracing paper/vellum. Work with the second paper and trace what you liked. Don't ink it yet but just trace the drawing once you get the vellum and then I can assist you again.

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ResettePlayer    6196

Keep in mind that the Klei devs and animators are working with much different tools than you, so it is unfair to yourself to compare your art to theirs.

I'd recommend not drawing every single raindrop, but rather finding a different sort of shortcut. For example (assuming you will be using pencil), shade the background as you please and then use a sharp eraser to take out some lines. Rain drops IRL are not super distinct and visible since they move so quickly, so you may want to try simulating that. This way you won't have to shade around each and every raindrop, making the background look weird.

Tip for shading (again assuming you are using pencil) You can use a paper towel or tissue to smear the graphite around, making it much smoother. This way you may be able to get a cloudy look without needing to meticulously make sure your pencil equally covers every square millimetre of the paper.

If we are looking up at the shopkeeper, we should be looking at the underside of their umbrella. You can retain the mystery by shading the interior of the umbrella and the shopkeeper's head as darkly as you can.

Lastly, I'd say your background is pretty good already. However, in the lower left at least, the trees are too regular in size and height. Maybe make the leftmost two a single larger tree to add some variation.

Good luck.

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