[Crash] Error Processing Render Buffer Command Create VB

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Do you use mods?
Yes. But I've unsubscribed and disabled the mod with same results.

Version Number

Rev .360464



Issue title

Error Processing Render Buffer Command Create VB

Steps to reproduce

You'll eventually encounter this error if you played the game long enough. I'm currently playing on the vanilla version (no DLC's installed) and the first two seasons were fine. Once I went down spelunking did the issue starts to occur. Since then, even on the surface the game will crash.

Describe your issue

Ever since I've went down the caves, the game keeps crashing with Error Processing Render Buffer Command Create VB error. I've updated my graphics card drivers, disabled full screen, verified file integrity and enabled small textures to no avail. I've attached both dxdiag and log.txt files.

I hope to hear from you soon. This bug is the only thing that keeps me from playing this great game.



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