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Wendy and Webber - Refresh suggestions

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Ryuziel    13


* Haunted by her twin sister

Wendy is a really nice character at first sight, but her powers could be more used, explored and increased, Abigail is such a suicidal, so a new mecanic like Gloomer's flower would be better than a mad ghost with everything.
º If Wendy is carrying her flower Abigail will follow her, if Wendy leaves the flower on the base Abigail will stay on the base.
º Would be really cool if Wendy could put Nightmare Fuel in Abigail to make her stronger, like a level system on her, Nightmare Fuel upgrades Abigail's level and she would become better with more resistance and power.

* Comfortable with darkness

This idea would put Wendy in a unique spot in the game ( The combo Willow and Wendy is real )
º Wendy uses half of Nightmare Fuel for crafting items that require it.
º Wendy lose less sanity when uses items that had Nightmare Fuel in their recipe (Staffs, Dark Sword and Armor...)



*  Can befriend spiders

º Webber can sleep inside Spider Den tier 3, "Slumber party!"

º Webber can craft a Spider Queen saddle and ride it "Vrom vrom!"


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Thieverpedia    334

Taming a spider queen as Webber is such a nice idea. Slow, yet bulky and powerful. Imagine her with the special saddles, though!

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MerIin    1

I really liked your ideas.
You suggested things that make a lot of sense with the characters perks, as Wendy, she is "Comfortable with darkness" and in the game this is expressed by losing less sanity in the dark and by insanity auras, but I believe this is something much simple and it's not so relevant...but these ideas that you wrote are very nice, you expanded the "Comfortable with darkness" not only to the dark of the night and insanity auras, but this interaction with Nightmare Fuel that can be very useful, I just don't how it would work with the Construction Amulet...
And about Webber, you already said everything, Klei please I need to ride a Spider Queen as Webber

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