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Steve Raptor    140


I would like to share my design for the aqua tuner cooling loop that has served me faithfully since the turbine rework.

I know that there are several ways to implement it, both with or without valves etc, but this how I like to build mine:




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Cablemonkey    1

Thanks for posting this! I'm just starting to mess with aquatuners now, and I like the simplicity of your design, vs the dual chamber ones using oil as a buffer to absorb the heat, and then heat water to steam. I'm sure as I get more familiar with their use, I'll better understand the benefits of the oil based designs as well.


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My design to cool down the base is to have a loop of just igneous liquid pipe since it has a slow temperature change giving a smoother base temp distribution with radiant liquid pipes usually aluminium or something close to it for areas that need more cooling. A single aquatuner is enough unless there is a lot more cooling required within the 'living quarters'. Usually I will have three metal refineries piped into that steam room with their own independent piping filled with crude, that has three steam turbines and a single aquatuner. If I need more water for my colony and a salt water geyser is present, I will pipe it directly into that steam room only when x pressure has dropped or temp exceeds 200c, salt will be picked up with auto-sweepers and transported to be made into table salt, water from the steam turbines is then used for the colony. Before super coolant, use polluted water for your cooling loop since its heat capacity is one of the highest making it the most efficient to use + 20c better than just water before freezing or turning into a gas. Remember the aquanter uses 1200w to cool a liquid by 14c, polluted water has a heat capacity of 4.179 while crude only has 1.69 which would take almost 3x to get the same cooling. For the automation on the aquanter I just use a pipe thermo sensor just before it enters the aquanter that turns it off after temp is not above 25c, and to prevent the liquid from stopping and to continue cycling just add a liquid bridge after the intake of the aquanter so the liquid continues to flow when the aquanter is turned off by the thermal sensor and the liquids that exit from the aquanter enter from the middle of the liquid bride giving it priority. No need for a reservoir.

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