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Detailed guide on My integrated Kitchen/Storage/Mess Hall Setup + other random tip

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Rido_ho    3

*Disclaimer: English is not my first language, there might be some grammatical and spelling errors in this guide. Be warned.

[This is a detailed Text + Picture guide to set up an ideal (my opinion) Integrated Kitchen, Mess/great Hall & Food Storage from Early game (Pure Manual) to Mid/late game (Automation Integration), Hope you will like it.]

In This Guide, i will use debug mode in DEFAULT WORLD MAP as the guide base. Other Map can still use this design but just need to make some minor changes regarding the temperature management and automation storage choice  

Part A:Early - Early Mid Game Setup

Place Selection and Outline


*recommend build the integrated kitchen below the bedroom area (for faster carbon collection) or at least near the bedroom area (for shorter travel distance)

*Building’s orientation DOESN’T matter, you can build same as the pic or reversed it, whatever fit ur base  


  • Size and Room:

Mess Hall/Great Hall (Upper room): 26 tiles wide (exclude outside wall 24 tiles wide), 4 tiles high, form a 96-tile room.

Food Storage Area (Lower Left Room): 9 tiles wide and 5 tiles tall

Open Kitchen Area (Lower Right Open Room): 15 tiles wide and 5 tiles tall


  • Outline:

Refer to the picture (airflow tile above the food storage room must be included to accumulate Co2 while other airflow tiles are optional)


  • Construction

 *This design is based on the ground that you have researched SOME of the tech tree, especially food, décor and colony development tech.



Mess Hall:

Build a small temporary mess hall in the middle first (bfr you have a atleast lvl 2 decorating skill dupe) so that you can get Mess Hall Bonus (+3 Morale) (*Max 64 tiles roomsd)



After you have at least lvl 2 decorating skill dupe you can now construct a Great Hall (+ 6 Morale) by Deconstruct the middle wall and add a decoration that are atleast +20



*tips: always use granite or sandstone in building décor item in early game for extra 20% or 10% décor.

+ the middle container is for storing table salt to further boost dupes’ morale (use Rock crusher, from 100kg salt to 5g table salt and 100kg Sand)

Food Storage Area (FSA):

Why I build Like This?: Space for future Automation


*Recommend refrigerator over ration box for more total food storage capacity over tile area

After the FSA is partially fill, u can start Deconstruct the old ration box and move it to the newly constartucted ration box or refrigerator in the area.

With Carbon dioxide surrounding the ration box or refrigerator, all food inside the container will have “Sterile Atmosphere” Buff which elliminate food decay rate, prevent food from turning into rot pile. (THUS,NO NEED TO CONNECT POWER TO REFRIGERATOR in FSA)

OPTION 1: Egg cracker (Manually cracking Raw egg)   

OPTION 2:Critter egg Storing Container (Auto Raw Egg production when egg viablility lvl drop to 0%,Take Time)

OPTION 3: Refer to Kitchen’s OPTION 2.

 -----(Warning!! Unless you have a steady supply of Egg, Use these options carefully. Do Not set egg cracking to “Forever” as you will have a Risk of completely erase that critter from ur map in long run and would need to wait until Printing Pod gives u an option again.)


Kitchen area is quite straight forward, just build micro musher or electric grill in the area and it is Done.


*Advice bfr build: Kitchen Area is 5 tiles high and dupe can only build 4 tiles tall, recommend player leave a trail of ladder for easy maintenance in future.

*Why I Build Like This?: Mesh tile and E.Grill placing position is for future Automation integration

OPTION 1: Add Ceiling Light and Dupe Motion Sensor


Light give dupes “Lit Workplace” Buff which will increase its work bar fill time by 15%

However, 100% on Light would:

- Give off heat (Bigger Problem)

- Power consumption (Small Consumption[10w] but still worth saving)



  Add Dupe Motion detector in these position can easily solve the problem.

OPTION 2: Add Water Lock as a direct access point to FSA


1.Block Co2 from leaking out, dig one tile and build a bottle emptier.


2.Get Small Amount (If Possible, less than 400g per liquid bottle to prevent overflow liquid) of 3 different liquids in bottle. By using two method if they are not lying around the base: Mop ground liquid or extract pipe content)

3. Set the Bottle emptier to “Sweep Only” and choose selected liquid ONE_AT_A_TIME (finished empty one liquid, cancel it and select another liquid) from densest liquid >middle>lightest liquid.


A. Early game option: Brine>Salt Water>Water (Max 100’C)


B. Early/Mid Game Option: Crude Oil> Naphtha>Petroleum (High Boiling Point Combi, 390’C+)

4. Mop excess liquid and then deconstruct the two tile to FSA. (Warning: DO NOT mop tile next to the liquid lock as it will break the lock, Mop a tile away from lock instead)



*There are several water locks patterns available online and what I choose to use here might be least reliable (might evaporate when hot object past through & break when other liquid touches the lock) and most troublesome one (I think). Here are the reasons why I choose to use this pattern in my build:

1.Small form factor design

2. Prevent dupe from getting “sopping wet” debuff (increase Stress) – Dupe ignore water when jump over a tile      

3. Able to replace with Space Age Material “Visco-gel” in future

4. Carbon Dioxide leak has minor impact.





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Steve8    29

I like to just have a CO2 pit below the kitchen :) The CO2 naturally accumulates there after a while so nothing fancy is needed. Dupes drop the food to the ground after cooking and then an autosweeper drops it below through a mesh door. Meat from the my hatch drowning chamber also gets dropped there. So people only need to dip into it quickly to retrieve food

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