Side-bar Controls and Storage Stop Working

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Tifa    0


I've had this issue a few times where the side bars randomly stop working during gameplay and I cannot access my items or create new ones.The only way to get them to work again is by closing the game and losing whatever progress I made that day. 

I'm playing on my Galaxy S10, android version 9.

I appreciate your help! 

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MavyWavy    0

This happen to me too, on average every 3 in-game days. I think it happens when I'm clicking/equip inventory item while other in-game activity not yet complete (ie: while eating, picking grass, build something).

All of the control & inventory doesn't work (unclickable) except for the analog/movement control.

There's no way to fix it, should force close the game to make it works, but it'll rollback the progress no previously saved state (roughly around half day/ depends).

It's annoying cuz it happens too often for me. Pocket Edition and Shipwrecked has same issue.

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