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Walls Loading Improperly - Graphics

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starrynytex    20



  • Steam
  • Do you use mods?
             Yes - Combined Status, Wardrobe Skins, Recipe Merger, Bottle Lanterns, Lantern Glitch, Flingo Range Checker
    Version Number

    Rev 360464 - 789 - 14.48.49 This is an ROG/SW only world.

  • Issue title

    Walls load improperly periodically, regardless of which direction the camera has been turned.

    Steps to reproduce

    Walk off screen a bit 

    Describe your issue

    This used to happen to me but it was really really infrequent but now it happens almost every other screen.  Walls in my base will periodically load sideways, like they should be shown from a different camera angle, but it doesn't matter what angle I use to start with.  They always load backwards.  Hopefully this picture shows what I am talking about.  You can see it near the berry bushes/bamboo bushes on the bottom right, as well as the center

  • I also have no clue how I have two Chester's but I do lol.

  • I20190929174112_1.thumb.jpg.b360b6ad81422f13d8d574bbf1d0f8de.jpg

I just disabled every single one of my mods and was able to reproduce this issue without any installed as well.

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