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ShadowDuelist    4,159
26 minutes ago, x0VERSUS1y said:

Just 1 question as I haven't played Wheeler at all - well, I haven't played Hamlet post-Beta, but that's another thing: the objects she shoots via Pew-matic pistol are getting destroyed, right? Because I have tons of Flints, a win-win scenario in my book :encouragement:

Yes I believe they do, I've played the modded version of her though. Its a good way to get rid of the bee stingers, flint and silk if you ask me. 

Personally, I hope no wheeler is added, mostly because I didn't feel her perks were unique, or interesting enough, but since so many people likes her I guess if they reworked her right she could fit DST (I just would never play her). 

Woodlegs would be a "meh" at this point given how little content we have of the sea right now. I'd think of adding Woodlegs or a water related character, once the ocean content becomes interesting, rewarding, and challenging enough.

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maciu67    354
7 hours ago, Ezaroth said:

The find character would be pointless if you have multiple of the same character in the server.

This encourages you to choose different characters.

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