Park of Monster app uses art assets from Don't Starve

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Misuto    67

Link here


This game uses several art assets from Don't Starve. Is this in any way affiliated with Klei or is this a case of stolen assets? 


In the attached picture from the front page of the play store we can see: berry bushes, withered berry bushes, withered juicy berry bushes, red mushcaps, green mushroom trees, and lure plants. There may be more if one actually plays the app. 




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Thalkas    898

Trees above - all stages, shroom trees, pond and maybe white flowers look like DS assets too.

Edit: Checked gameplay trailers and turfs look similar too! Also Im pretty sure I saw few other assets in other games ... or are similar. 

Edit: Also in 31:48 we can see antlion residue after atack - mean circle at ground.




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watermelen671    14,587

Oh my there's so much stuff stolen.

image.png.851ed674743a91fa4d93ae5dbfbaaff7.png image.png.9efe3a7c20d21b6c59c8e20a7ea02883.png




The ocean ripple animation is identical...





That's an old evergreen!

Worry not I'm just getting started, I'll edit this as I find more.

And it's obvious they've stolen is and just edited it to make it look "original". The game has a completely clashing art style with certain objects, so I'm not entirely sure anything in that game is their own.

I'm just gonna download the apk and root through it myself.

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watermelen671    14,587
7 hours ago, metallichydra said:

that could look like the fish trap from oxygen not included


It actually looks more like the ONI trinket included in DST.


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