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Looking for more players! [NA]

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PandaWaffles    164

Hey, we're an NA group of currently 3 semi-experienced DST players looking for more to join us! We usually use discord and tend to play on weekends from around 1pm EST 'till 7pm EST. By "semi-experienced" I mean we can handle the basics of caves/ruins exploration, base-building, resource collecting, and fighting off most of the more common bosses (Deerclops, Moose/Goose, Bearger, etc). We did recently kill Bee Queen and the Ancient Guardian! We haven't really been able to take on the harder ones like Dragonfly, Toadstool, or Klaus though. We'd prefer to play with people around that general skill level; we're don't mind helping new or returning players too of course, as long as you're friendly. We're quite flexible with our character picks and don't usually have a team figured out before we start, so you're welcome to play whatever characters you like.

We're also actually playing tomorrow afternoon at 1pm EST, so if you manage to see this post sometime tonight, you're welcome to hop in and join us. If you're interested at all in joining us sometime, toss me an add on steam:

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