which plant is your favorite plant?  

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  1. 1. which plant is your favorite plant?

    • Mealwood
    • Bristle Blossom
    • Dusk Cap
    • Sleet Wheat
    • Waterweed
    • Pincha Peppernut
    • Dasha Saltvine
    • Balm Lily
    • Oxyfern
    • Wheezewort
    • Gas Grass
    • Nosh Sprout
    • Oxyfern
    • Arbor Tree
    • Mirth Leaf
    • Bluff Briar
    • Buddy Bud
    • Sporechid
    • Jumping Joya

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It's tough to pick just one, but I've got to go with my pal Bud.  I was watching the unfurling animation today after a dupe puts it into a flower put: elegant.

There's also the Thimble Reed plant.  It has a nice 'bounce' animation when it blooms.  Close second place.

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