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[Game Update] - 367948

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Beardy Wilson    117

Really appriciate this fix and thanks for listening. I might be nitpicking here, because overall its a big improvement to what we had before. But the moose in my opinion is still isn't the greatest. For me to use it, get punched by lose alot of health than turn back to have an empty stomach really discourages people/me to use the form for what it was meant to do, punching some people around.

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ZolaRay    288
On 9/16/2019 at 10:04 AM, jantonio said:

moose is like marble armor, 90% armor is pretty strong.

treeguards are easy to kite, just take your time practicing. devs gave tips on the live stream like prep for the after of transforming.

moose charge is super good, you can kite many foes and get the charge hit, also it is crowd control.

A fully grown treeguard hass 3750 HP and deals 6.18 damage per hit to the moose which is every 3 seconds,  moose deals 60 DPS, which means that it would take 62 seconds to kill a fully grown treeguard, in that time, if the treeguard was tanked, woodie wouldve lost 127 HP,  then we also lose 20HP if we use an idol which would leave us with around 1.5 seconds to heal before we die after becoming woodie again. 

And this is all depending if we have maxed HP, without caring about weather, circumstances, sanity, etc

Despite treeguard being one of the easiest enemies to kite, it is still possible to do so, but there is another enemies that the moose wont have enough time to kite.

Yes, the moose charge is good for crowd control, but the damage for single mob battles feels lacking and its still VERY situational, i dont see that many situations other than spiders penguins and bees and really late game hounds.

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