Welcome Duplicants to ONI University! - Yes we dupli-can! Recently I have scoured the forums for old and new posts regarding the nuances of the game and I had a thought, wouldn't it be a waste to have someone else do the exact same thing when I could just share my findings. I would like to make a collection of threads that new players and veterans can use. This is also so I do not have to keep a hundred tabs open. If you want me to add a thread to the list, I will do so. If there are other Thread Collection Lists, I would like to add those as well. Hopefully I can categorize them well enough to not be a mess. Game Mechanics/Exploits Care Package Duplication Temperature Clamping Pump/Geyser Range Hydro-dynamics/mechanics Aerodynamics Doors Duplicant Interaction That Workplace is Lit Auto-Sweeper Energy Manipulation Piping Building/POI Interactions Flash Flaking Space/Rocketry Critters Heat Transfer SHC Differences Map Generation Mathematical Errors Germs Skill Training UI Lag Rooms Logic Locks Builds/Automations/Concepts Clocks Insulation Melting Traps Digging Refinement Material Production Tamers Space/Rocketry Power Systems Music (you can't stop the music!) Sustainability Other   Useful Tools Save File Editor Database Calculations Seed Finder   Youtubers @Lifegrow @Tonyroid @JohnFrancis @Mullematsch @Brothgar @SamLogan @Gamers Handbook @Steve Raptor Guides/Tutorials Basics Priorities/Scheduling Achievements Mod Authors My Favorites List More Info Needed Spreadsheets Other Wiki Page Now you can make edits too!   Special Thanks to @mathmanican for the help.