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Initial impressions on reworked Woodie?

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Owlrus98    368

What are your guy's thoughts on the new Woodie? In my opinion, he doesn't really feel like he has any upsides initially; all transformations seem to last very shortly, as well as proving to be a tremendous nuisance to your health and hunger as a result. 

When you transform, the duration of the form you chose seems to regress very quickly if you aren't doing the tasks associated with the creature (running as Goose, fighting as Moose, chopping as Beaver). The lack of healing options in any form add to the mess a bit. 

My recommendation(s): 

- Let the Idols not perish or remove the monster meat requirement 

- Let the were-meter drain at a rate of 1 every 2-3 seconds instead (regardless of activity)

- Give the transformations (mostly moose) a method of healing

- Set Woodies hunger to half the maximum instead of zero upon turning back to normal

- Controversial idea: Let Woodie regain health and sanity upon eating logs, twigs, grass, etc.

- Controversial idea MK.2: Lower sanity drain even further or add previous pinecone sanity perk

- Let the Goose traverse water (not tested fully on my part, so ignore if I am wrong), and possibly lose aggro from enemies when transformed as the goose

- Give the moose better natural armor, and perhaps slightly better damage (72 perhaps to make the transformation worthwhile)

These ideas may be extreme in some cases, but the aim is to improve Woodie. Regardless, now is the time that Woodie will be "tuned" so I suppose it would be right to say "speak now or forever hold your piece". 



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Poebus    420

maybe transforms could get used to woodie overtime and be better as time pasts

moose for example : armor and damage slowly increases overtime

( max 90%, max around 72 )

for goose it should be gaining faster speed and additional swimming perk

i dont have certain idea for beaver

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