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What "Class" would you say each character Is

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DarkPulse91    278

We all know how most PvP or team based games are also "class based". Where each character is defined as a specific class and designed around it. But Dont Starve Together doesn't have any "classes"

So, I thought it would be fun if I asked you guys what "Class" you would call each character, or just your main.

For an example, I made my own little chart for what Class I feel each character falls into.
And you don't have to stick to just "support" "offence" or "defense". Heck you can make a different class for each character. Just use what you think describes their playstyle best.

Here is my example that I made


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Ermac__    76

I just stick to two mental categories in my head, macroer/base ***** and fighter/foraging, Pretty much covers any relevant task. expand

Macroer/Basewife: Wicker,maxwell,wormwood,woody,willow,Warly

Hybrids(too close to either to put in either category): Winona, Wilson, Wes

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Viktor234    2,719

My opinion about some characters:

  • Willow: Survivor
    • Her lighter provides a small source of light, turns stale or spoiled food into fresh food with better stats, and it turns any burnable object into a light source which also provides heat
    • BERNIE! taunts shadow creatures & any non-boss creature nearby and is capable to tank a total of 2000 damage which can be restored with the use of a single sewing kit
    • Starts with her lighter and +30 insulation in winter and +30 heat resistance in summer, making it easier to survive seasons like these
  • Wolfgang: Boss Fighter
    • During fights he requires 3 times as much food but also deals twice as much damage without using twice as much durability of a weapon
    • Getting mighty during smaller fights is ineffective as he needs to restore alot of hunger before the fight, reducing the efficiency of the food by 50% or more
  • Wendy: Non-Boss Fighter
    • Due to Abigail's AoE damage, she's capable to deal up to 500-1,000 damage per second, making her really strong against multiple mobs, especially Spiders
    • Abigail dies pretty fast against Giants and Wendy deals -25% damage, making her ineffective against Bosses
  • Wigfrid: Fighter, Preparer
    • Has improved fighting skills without any penalties
    • Can easily make alot of helmets with a stack of gold nuggets and rocks which provide the whole team with armor
  • Wortox: Fighter, Supporter
    • Using a single soul he can negate any damage dealt to him or free himself from a cage, or restore 20 health
    • Has a healing ability which restores an insane amount of health for the whole team, making healing items unnecessary
  • Warly: Supporter
    • Has access to recipes which provide buffs and nice stats, but he can't use them as effective as other players due to his food repetition penalty

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Atkvin    558

Wigfrid would also be Support for me as a mobile source of armor, WX would secondarily be Fighter after upgrading, Wortox would secondarily be Traveler, with probably the highest scouting potential only limited by number of souls and hunger which can both be negated with preparation.

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Canis    9,952
30 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Wes is a eldritch entity?

-Makes people crazy for it when they view it? - Check

-Didn't originate from the world it resides in? - Check

-Is an abomination? - Check

We got a winner.

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ShadowDuelist    4,475

It could also be seen from a sort of RPG point of view:

Wicker: Pure Wizard, offensive, defensive, and tactical spells, AOE
Maxwell: Summoner, secondary Mage, gatherer
Wendy: Summoner of a single strong support entity, AOE, crowd control
Webber: Summoner of short lived frail creatures, large numbers, secondary healer.
Woodie: Shapeshifter (druid?)
Willow: Fire Mage, Summoner of a single strong support entity.
Winona: Inmobile damage dealer.
Wortox: Scout,  main healer.
Wigfrid: Tank, Secondary damage dealer, Armorer.
WX: Scout, Offtank.
Wolfgang: Mobile Damage dealer, Pure Warrior.
Warly: Alchemist, buff support.
Wilson: Wilson
Wormwood: Mix of armorer and gatherer, doesn't quite fit anything really.
Charlie: Gamemaster
Wes: That guy that plays RPG for the first time while shoving fistfull of cheetos to his mouth, is slightly drunk, doesn't really catch the rules that well, and his friends gave him bad stats to make fun of him, while he was at the bathroom.


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maradyne    4,942

Wortox and Wigfrid are an interesting case. They're both characters that can easily run around and tackle the world with little to no support or preparation; great for exploration or getting minor challenges like Ruins shenanigans out of the way without having to make trips back and forth to sustain themselves; you just keep going and going.
But, the way they accomplish this differs.

Similar to Traveler but...not. WX definitely requires prep to meet his potential, so there's a difference there. He's not living a largely nomadic life; he's making fast trips around the world, then running back.
There's also a lot of crossover between characters. For instance, Wigfrid being great for traveling the world...but definitely not being the same kind of Traveler that WX is. He goes fast, she self-sustains on the go.
Maybe Scout would better cover all of those cases; the class that is best at 'going around the world to do things'.


One thing I like that League Of Legends does is giving playable characters both a main and sub-class; one role that the character fills really well, and another, lesser role that describes the rest of their playstyle.
In this scenario, Wolfgang could be considered a pure Fighter, while WX could be Scout Fighter.
I'd put Wigfrid as Fighter Scout, with Wortox as Scout Support.

...this all does differ somewhat by player, though. Different people take advantage of different character traits, and what players see other players doing isn't necessarily all they're doing...Wortox being a great example.
His healing is his most 'visible' power, while the map scrolls and scavenging for resources all over the world tend to be less noticed.

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Pop Guy    3,518
2 hours ago, ShadowDuelist said:

Wilson: Wilson

Wilson: The player in his first session, with a character with all statistics above 10 but without any 18, at the dawn of great adventures!


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LunarCat    2,182

here's my basic team

Willow, the fire lord

Wendy, the sister reviver

Warly, the chef

Woodie, the wood chopper

Winona, the defence maker

Wes AKA Demon, the bait

Webber, Support

Wigfrid, weapon and helmet maker and fighter

Webber, the spider spawner

Wilson, the effigy maker

Wormwood, the farmer

Wortox, Support

Maxwell, the wood grabber

WX, Traveler



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pedregales    353

This is mine:

  • Fighter. Obviously kills things fast or more easily. This includes: Wolfgang (giant killer), Wendy (AoE killer), Willow (CC, + AoE killer since update), Wigfrid (semi-tank), WX-78 (tank). You could add Maxwell and his shadows, maybe; and Winona and her catapults (but since they are non-mobile, I count them more as support).
  • Support. In some way shape or form makes the life easier for others.This includes: Wilson (pseudo-reviver), Wickerbottom (farmer), Woodie (farmer; though we need to see Woodie's rework to see if this stays), Maxwell (Currently Woodie but better), Winona (builder + repairer), Warly (buffer, or should I say buffet?), Wortox (healer), and Wormwood (farmer?).
  • Explorer. Has an easier time with a nomadic playstyle. Willow (cooker), Warly (Willow but better [as an explorer]), Wortox (teleporter), Woodie (fast and night vision), Wigfrid (vampire), and WX-78 (lightning fast and hard to kill).
  • Other. Because Wes and Webber doesn't fit in any of the aforementioned classes, I put them here.

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loopuleasa    438
13 hours ago, DarkPulse91 said:


Other things worth adding to the image, as secondary roles:

- Wigfrid - Armor Crafter

- Webber - Spider Farmer

- Winona - Builder, Repairer

- Wortox - Explorer, Fighter (due to dodge)

- Willow - Survivalist

- Wormwood - Log Crafter, Explorer (Spring)

- Warly - Food Crafter (Cook speed bonus is no yoke)

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CaptainChaotica    4,430 it wrong that I of course went to Professor Farnsworth...but because of Wilson's look in that picture, I "heard" it said in a Dracula voice?


I'm glad somebody else already brought up the D&D style classes, because that's where MY brain immediately went to as well.  Call it a mix of hardly ever playing WoW style MMOs, and the fact that "class" in a game sense just automatically made my brain picture a character sheet and starting thinking words like "alignment" and "race" as well.  Nerd "culturally" wise, I am DEFINITELY a fantasy/tabletop type chick when it comes to thinking of character types.  Although I haven't been able to actually _play_ in forever, I've got some oldschool D&D, GURPS, and Paranoia books on my shelf behind me right now.  (In Paranoia the classes would be VERY different...)  

So...let's see.  In D&D/general fantasy-verse style terms:

(This ended up obnoxiously long and I don't care to trim it down, because I LIKE having the explanations, references and jokes along with just the class names.  So I'm'a put it in a spoiler so it doesn't make my post look huge as you scroll down the page, unless you WANT it to.)



Wilson:  Alchemist/engineer (this is a class in the Dragonlance sub-universe anyway; at least for the gnomes.  Yes, I'm saying Wilson could almost be a gnome. Straight out of Mount Nevermind!)

Willow:  Hmmm...this is interesting.  Because in singleplayer her fireyness is uncontrolled, so I'd say she's something like an untrained mutant/Jedi/psionic.  Wild power but no idea how to control it (and kinda doesn't want to).  In Together, as she is _now_...hmmm.  It's kinda like she has a _passive_ wizard-like power, but most of the time is just, like, a person.  I dunno...let's leap universes entirely here.  Force-Sensitive?

Wolfgang:  Big dumb basic no thought at all given to it human fighter. This can be played by somebody who actually cares about D&D, the world, etc. but just wants to start playing without thinking about it, or by the type who picked the first thing in the book so they could get this over with.  I'm looking at YOU, Bob the "It" Barbarian.

Wendy:  Necromancer, duh.  Or wizard with a speciality _in_ necromancy, if that's not available as a proper class.  In oldschool Final Fantasy terms, if we see Abigail as a "summons", she might be a Green Mage!  Like Rydia from FFIV.  (Rydia also starts the game as a little kid, so...)

WX:  Welp.  We just CHUCKED the entire universe forward into at least a steampunk landscape because of your existence, WX.  I hope you're happy.  (Then again that would've been necessary once we hit Winona as well.)  Okay so we have gunpowder weapons now in our fantasy universe, and engined vehicles.  Fine.  So under our new _steampunk_ flavoured D&D esque world, WX...would normally be kind of a golem? made and operated by Wagstaff.  Since he's broken free of that, he's...maybe a Discworld style golem, where they are ordered to follow themselves?  I dunno...

Wickerbottom is definitely a straight-up wizard.  Done.  Maybe a bit of a speciality in herbalism.

Woodie:  Definitely druid (shapeshifter), because they're also good with/know about/are comfortable with living in nature.

Wes: This would be the kind of player who joined the group SPECIFICALLY to beep with it.  Like, a tabletop troll.  He'd be a chaotic neutral rogue, constantly use his alignment as an excuse for why he's always messing up the party's plans, and basically try to be an agent of chaos all the time.  If he didn't get kicked out within half an hour I'd be amazed.  (Basically Wes is a wildcard so I had nothing, but mimes ARE close to clowns which are close to "fools", or jesters, so...)

Maxwell: is definitely a wizard, straight up, and since the main thing he does with his books is make minions, full-out summoner.  He's like Rydia after she grows up.  HMMMMMM...

Wigfrid:  Can we dual-class?  Ranger/Barbarian!  Barbarian is obvious; ranger because she's got all this weird respect for nature, feels at home among it, one of her outfits is a DRYAD...

Webber:  Hmmmm....maybe he'd also be some kind of dual thing, since he's technically two different bodies/personalities in one person?  He'd be...what kind of class would be good at taming (some) monsters?  But he doesn't tame them to not attack the GROUP, just _him_, so he's not very good at it.  Very clutzy druid?  : P  But then, he is just a kid.

Winona:  Engineer/tinkerer.  I feel not hesitant at all to compare her to my female Gnome character from the Dragonlance world that I had way long ago, except with different appearance of course.  I already bumped the technology level of this theoretical fantasy world up several levels, Winona.  You're welcome.

Warly:  Would be a "civillian" character who stays back at the town and runs the best inn, with wonderful food.  As I can't play him like at all by himself I can't see him as a travelling, fighting, adventury kind of character either.  He's best served by staying at the base once you've got a good one established, and in this case "base" would mean "hometown", as in where you keep going back to to turn in your quests and look around for new ones.

Wortox:  I...have never played him, I gotta admit here.  This would be the character who is an unusual race, one that's normally considered an enemy and found in the Monster Manual not the Player's Handbook--but the player in question is a good friend of the DM and the DM knows they can be trusted not to abuse their privilege or go OP, so they make an exception.  He'd have some kind of healing powers, so he'd...

OHMYGOD I just realised what this would mean in D&D style terms.  The DEMON...would be a CLERIC!  XD

Wormwood: Full out druid without the shapeshifting part (quite), and probably another "Trust me I'll play it well, I promise"-type unusual character.  In Discworld he might be called a "hedge wizard", which is what it sounds like:  a magic user who specialises in plant based stuff, and does it very well.  In mutant/superhero terms he's ABSOLUTELY Poison Ivy.  A bit of healy powers too, but then druids _are_ a subtype of cleric.


And that's what I gots.  Alignments I dunno, I'd have to think about it a lot or, more fun, run them through a good online quiz for that--by which I mean, pretend to be that character and answer how I think _they_ would as best as I could.  Wendy would definitely turn out some kind of evil, I can tell you that, and Wilson's too casually cruel to animals to get into the Good category.


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I really think Woodie now fits more of a generalist playstyle compared to other characters. He may not harvest wood/rocks as fast or efficiently as Maxwell, but he does it better than anyone else who doesn't have a pig army or boss. He has less boss tanking power than Wolfgang Wx or Wigfrid, but he has way more than other characters that use the same resources. He might not be able to farms spiders as consistently and efficiently as Wendy or Webber, but he does it faster than pretty much everyone else who doesn't have a mass bunnymen spider farm. He might not be as fast as charged Wx or cane mighty Wafflegang or soul spamming wortox, but he is faster than pretty much anyone else and can walk on water. He's got his foot in the door in almost every single aspect of the game. While its not the wood harvesting based rework I was expecting, it is the rework that makes him viable in pretty much every single scenario of the game.

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DarkPulse91    278
On 9/12/2019 at 12:41 AM, NoscopeFelix said:

Willow: base defense more like base destroyer

Well when I say base defense. Im more talking about how she is able to protect the base with her fast extinguishing. As well as she can use BERNIE! to protect everyone inside the base from nightmare creatures or any other hostile mobs that come in.

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