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pacovf    438

I was looking through the compendium, and... is there any reason why some items say "destroy after 1 use" (and have the charge counter on the top left of the card), and others just say "destroy" (and don't have the charge counter symbol)? As far as I can tell, the two are functionally identical, so might as well stay consistent. I would also consider putting a different symbol there altogether for items that don't destroy themselves, so it's easier to tell at a glance which items you can use liberally.

Also, not a huge issue, but the compendium takes some time to load. Not super long, but enough to be noticeable.

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s5unaMe    35
10 hours ago, Kevin said:
  • Added a bunch of powerful new consumable items that are imported from Grout Bog, and rare in Murder Bay. (most don't have card art yet)


I thought we would have to unlock them before they would appear in the codex. But they are already visible. No challenge ):

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