[mod request] ladder fall damage.

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thorstein92    12

As in title.

Sometimes dupes fall from demolished/digged down tile.

I'm searching for mod which give damage from falls.

For example (n-2)*10 HP per n tile fall + status crippling the health recovery/more athletic and strength penalty to keep dupes with broken legs immobile for more than 10 cycles. With insta death >12 tiles fall.

Dupes also should have rights to get Darwin awards.

More germs (with various severity) or hazards also welcome :) 

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delemah    0

Hi thorstein92,


Here is an intial version of a mod for giving damage after fall (I am using your formula). I have further plans for the mod, but please let me know if you encounter issues with this.

The dll has some log output enabled. Once I am more confident that there are no problems, I'll upload a "release" version of it.

To install the mod, just copy the dll in a folder under  [...]\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\mods\local\


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