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New constant worlds

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natanstarke    188

So im here to add new constant worlds that i imaginated for fun, feel free to post yours and connections to other dlcs.

Hamlet 2.0

The big central hole inside the cave clefts leading to room mazes " similar to ant maze" and in the end we find another pig city in a ruined stated that was trapped and could find a way to the upper world. Also a boss that was in their way avoiding them to go up.

Ruins: have more artifacts and keys to use in the cave cleft labyrints for the said quest to save a pig town also mini bosses protecting those keys.

Bfb island expanded with more ares one of them leading to a bfb boss fight.

Aporkalypse also spawns a new island with yet another pig city full of cultists.

Defeating the herald gives a scepter that allow us to cancel aporkalypse " or cause one " at will 10 uses.

New world umbral.

A futuristic city devasted by shadow creatures, they can be found everywhere mostly in lower quantities in the upper world. City buildings can be entered like in hamlet and have shops but the shops have like 1 or 2 mid tier itens and have an aspect of pillage.

Its always night there but there are some glowing creatures and " lamp post equivalents" and night lights can be found in most places.

Nightmare fuel can be found in the ground remanescent of older battles.

This world have some survivors with their shops we could use a currency or just nightmare fuel for trades.

Berrys are inexistent.

There are a few nightmare fissures and a nightmare cycle like in rog.

Gears are abundant and we can befriend robots with gears.

Theres plants that we can feed then meat or nightmare fuel to produce light bulbs.

More nightmare variants some more corporeal that gives more drops other than just NF, like morsel/monster meat.

Meat is a super rare resource.

Logs are rare also.

New metal helm and weapons even ranged ones can be found in the ground with various % of durability.

Underground have survivors cities and csves to get to them with new fauna and flora changed by the nightmares.

Theres a nightmare factory that is mostly the reason this world is infested and have there a boss that if you kill the world start cleaning itself.


Infestation and nightmare.

Infestation comes with corrupted mantis waves. When killed they drop their blades that we use to craft schytes. Also chtin that can be used to craft new armor equivalent to log suit and football helmet.


The characters start to be super sleepy and can fall asleep anywhere entering in 1 of 3 miniboss fight that need to be fought with darkswords in the ground and none of the items you had before theyll be given back to you after the fight ends.

If all minibosses are defeated you wont have this nightmare sleeps anymore. " they can be retriggered inside the factory that have the " final boss " if the player wants too.


I also tought of coliseum, magic paradise with an spreading corruption. And hearth of darkness that is where the true boss of the constant would live but i didnt think too much out of this for now.

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